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BRS Dead Master cosplay (Anime North)
Anime North happened at the end of May and here are some photos of my cosplay as Dead Master there!


Our group was prettty badass, it included Sachi (Black Gold Saw), Ringo (Black Rock Shooter) and now Caramel-chan (BRS Kaito) and Carpeviera (Dragon Slayer) :) this summer we're trying to organize another shoot but with Sami as Strength!


This is now one of my favourite cosplays , large props always enhances a cosplay!Most of The cosplay was made from scratch too! Also took some pics with a Dead Master Man LOL ahhah our group took some photos with the guy's BRS group too


How I made it:

Dress: black velvet, simple dress pattern, with black lace at ends of sleeves and hem, white cotton bows, and velcro to close neck opening
Scythe + Horns: Insulation foam (from Home Depot), hand-carved into the shapes, primed with gesso, painted black and silver, horns were attached to a plastic headband, and scythe was mounted onto a black dowel
shoes + pants: bought from H&M and Dressky
claws: black gloves with clay "claws" painted black and glued onto gloves
contacts + wig: animation geo lenses and black curly wig bought from P-mall and online

time taken: about 2 days for the scythe and a week for the dress/horns/claws, but these 9 days were spent over the span of little less than a month before the convention : )



lol guys and girls! Such a fun cosplay for me too wear because it's not too tight, it's confortable and it's not exposing too much (cept it's open backed LOL) but definitly a change since my butt's covered, no more fear of panty shots! orz. Wouldn't say the same about comfort for Sachi and Ringo's cosplays though! LOL the armor and bikini tops must be hard to keep in check ;)

Some advice for this cosplay:

-get thin black capris/pants not black leggings (the dress is supposed to be more like a long tunic, so it doesn't really cover the butt LOL)
-make sure to seal the insulation foam scythe and horns with some sealant or clear glaze/glue otherwise the foam will start to "melt" and shrink in heat and sunlight
-be super picky with cosplays (any in general) be like... "asian mom" picky! if anything doesn't match the reference picture even just a bit, FIX IT. cutting too many corners adds up a lot! (unless you're a supermodel, then anything you wear is going to look good =_=)

Thanks for reading!!! and for those of you who are cosplayers, good luck! have fun! and keep on cosplayingggg! LOL

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[] Sachieより。
and omg envy DM's character design so much, no risk of underboob or sweating because of pleather...

Can't wait till Sami does STR, then we will become irl BRS!!

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The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiyaaa!~ park photoshoot
Here are some photos of this cosplay i did in April~ at Kariya park : D


the weather in Canada was a bit too cold round that time, so none of the sakura blossoms were in bloom ; A ;

The cosplay was my first bought one from online (sinomart? wholesale?) LOL it was fairly cheap around $40 after shipping i think (so $25ish before shipping) The headband was made myself, THE DAY OF. It was literally a headband with ribbon sewn ontop Orz...

Usually I'm really irked about cosplayers buying full-ready-made cosplays, but having made so many school uniforms from scratch already, this was the cheaper and faster and nicer looking alternative =_=

The photoshoots were really fun, LOL and lateron I really got into the Haruhi Spirit LMAO, uhhh scroll down for some Haruhi pervertedness...

>.< and as usual, thankyou to all the wonderful photographers i met here and thanks Thomas and Ray for taking some of these wonderful photos! LOL



some behind the scenes photos! LOL




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Haruhi Suzumiya GO!
LMAO SO i haven't updated in a while, what's better than starting off with a cosplay post!? .,.... pudding OF COURSE.. LOL


So this is my first time ordering a cosplay from online instead of making it. lol I ordered a Haruhi sailorfuku cuz i just love cosplaying that girl! the other time I cosplayed her was close to 4 or 5 years ago when I was just starting highschool ahha. I made the school uniform from scratch and it wasn't the greatest but it was still fun. lol orz I also attended and danced on stage at Anime North that year when they held the first Hare Hare Yukai dance competition lol oh back when I had braces and didn't know about wigs at all LOL here are some photos : D


Duck face taimu~~~~ <3 lol
wow my silly side hasn't changed at all...
(below: that's me 4-5ish years ago!)

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[] Kimより。
the seifuku is cute!

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BRS: Black Devil Girl Cosplay work in progress
Hi guys! Just a few progress shots of the BDG cosplay I'm making for a Convention in May 2011 :) So far, I've got my wig and contacts and clothing used for patterning the real deal <3

BDG progress top270px-Blackdevilgirl.jpg

I was originally going to go as Dead Master, but then I wanted to stand out from the crowd cuz she'll prob be a really popular cosplay at the con. This way I can photobomb other groups HA HA

But also because I'm inexperienced with making large props, so I didn't want to spend too much money or time on the scythe. (Speaking of large props, I'm alreadying making huge bow, the height of my body for another cosplay!) So, since my car prob wont fit two large props I decided to give up DM.

Along the way I also liked Black Matagi's cosplay, BUT I've done so many school girl cosplays that I wanted to do something more sexy... LOL I'm proud to say that my stomach and upper-body is quite fit and thin. A classmate even said I had flat abs OTL-yessssss. Lmaoooo.<3 ANYWAYS. Matagi's costume also involved a GIANT SWORD/GUN -that i'll prob fail at making myself, and will cost $$$$ to commission. So.... that's why I'm cosplaying as BDG.

To be honest, BDG's design is really simple and I had my doubts of it as a nice cosplay, but after assembling my makeshift clothing pieces it looks quite cute :3 So we'll see, after i go buy the real fabric and start making it for reals!

Black Devil Girl is one of my favourites actually, my favourite being Great Black Sword. SHE'S SO KICKASS. hhnggggggaldkjfalkdjfalkgh <3

I'll post updates of this cosplay as I make the sword, the horns, boot covers and sew up the real bikini and sweaters later on!

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[] Sachieより。

[] Samiより。
You have such a nice body!!
I need to get mega-toned for my cosplay as well! >-<;;;

[] Heatherより。
You sooo pretttie. You like super modle. Cheerleada. So damn preetie.

[] Moonより。
you look super hot !! >w< !

[] chiyoより。
Cool XD

[] kiwiman 416より。
I agree with all the other comments you are very pretty and have such a cute smile- liked your dancing on youtube- would like to be friends

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Listen K-ON ( けいおん) cosplay VIDEO+PHOTO part 2
I've got the photoshoot video made, just have to encode and upload after I finish my last assignment of first semester OTL english essay D: HALP! Here's the video and some shots from the photoshoot! enjoy!

Picture 2

Picture 5

Picture 4

Picture 8

Picture 17

Picture 18

Picture 14

Picture 15

stay tuned for more! <3
-photos taken by @tomestorung (twitter)
-edited by @purihoney (twitter)

~more photos can be found at my coscom account

^The cosplayers are:
Me as Yui
lemonkissu as Mio
thesweetbean as Ritsu
ringokissu as Mugi
Nikki as Azunyan

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[] ayuviより。
Oh you guys were simply adorable! :D Love the pics!

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