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Asian mall goodies! PHOTOS
Pmall gets!

-pink lip shimmer gloss
-China glaze in "something sweet" colour
-red animation geo contacts
-Palty hair dye in natural brown/blonde
-clear eye talk eyelid glue
-black eyelash glue
-black fur trimmed booties

PHOTOSbelow! (^3^)b
Picture 17
omfg love these boots, they look so good on!
Picture 16

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DECO bling-hearts pink Phone case!
Recently I ordered some materials from Hong Kong and did some deco to my phone~ (LG POP model)

My phone's like this tiny touchscreen, and it just looked like a slab of metal before hand... so now, it's all pink and glittery!~~~ and SO CHUNKY. i love it!~

Pics taimu~ <3
Picture 32
Picture 33
Picture 34

This is my first time doing deco, and so i just bought some sticker sheets with the stones already on them =3=

next time I'll do my camera/camcorder or ipod if i'm brave enough LOL and prob make a tutorial ~(`3`)~ with the real method using epoxy resin and charms/jewels (i already have epoxy at home, so now i gotta start collecting rhinestones/charms!)

aaaaah my phone is so wonderfully different now! teehehehheh. i'm so giddy right now!

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[] Sachieより。

It looks so nice! I need to buy a clear case for my phone and deco it upppp ♥

[] Jeanieより。

LOL YES. also, the plastic case helps SO MUCH. knowing that i can change deco cases for each season/outfit greatly pleases me 8D

[bling phone cases] bling phone casesより。
Wow...this heart pink phone case really looks cool...i like to gift this case to my sister on her birthday.This case is wonderfully different.

Festive Winter style!
What I'm wearing.

-thin black drop shoulder, with ruffles -online
-beige plaid sweater -online
-navy/purple and red patterned coat -H&M
-blue denim shorts -somewhere in USA
-red knit thigh-high stockings -American Apparel
-vintage ivory cowboy-boots -Aldo
-lime plastic earrings -online

Picture 7Picture 8Picture 9Picture 6

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Melancholy Layers Haircut
My hair grew out a bit since my last hair cut back in May, I decided to dye and cut it again myself today~ `3` I used a honey blonde hair dye to retouch my black roots and even out my colour again~ Now it's a light brown colour! <3
I then cut it with a pair of scissors in the asian mullet style -which is layers but with a long layer on the bottom, making the head look rounder and hair fuller at the top (hime style).

Here are some pics! (i kinda look like Haruhi now LOL maybe I'll cosplay her again)
Picture 23 Picture 24
It's hard to tell the colour in these photos due to auto correct editing orz. but it's definitly a nicer brown than the faded yellow/brown left over from my last Palty dye lol
Picture 27
Also, it's winter time, time to eat more fruits! get some antioxidants and vitamins!~

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Winter style~
Lately due to college life, i've had no time for personal shopping or personal time ;A; every week there's assignments and assignments. i wish i can just have a month off and go shopping!~ it's getting really chilly outside as well, so i think i'll update with a little of what i'll be getting this winter :D

The kind of style i like is Korean fashion~ here's some pics gathered on google~~
i LOVE LOVE LOVE the clothes from zipia.net so much!~ ahh and i like the styles in Ray and ViVi magazines as well (Japanese magazines)


the site is http://zipia.net, making an account is free, and you can only view prices once you've made an account~ O(≧∇≦)O

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[] Samiより。
You would look cute in these styles!! :O

[] Jeanieより。
thanks! <3 i hope so too~~

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