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macaroons~ taste like heaven!
Nerdy Tea party with older sister Syd~ and Tori, her friend!
Syd made such lovely sandwiches and apple cider~ it was DELICIOUS! <3

we watched Tron 1982 ver and then Star trek and we started the night with gundam building! (zeta msz 006 A-1)

pics spam!<3
Picture 34

Picture 36

Picture 35

Picture 33

I'm sure everyone had a merry christmasu!~ <3 i hope new years will be awesome as well!!

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Gitah!! bought! <3 it's tea and cake taimu!
Today I went to LA music and bought a guitar LOL.
it's the ephiphone version of the one Yui (K-ON!) plays, but that's not the reason for getting this one OTL. I'm always playing anime op and ed and OST songs my old piano at home, and the songs never sound good when it's intended for guitar. So i finally bought one so i can do them justice! HA HA!~

Picture 45
^ahhhhh it's so pretty!~ I started learning fuwa fuwa time already~ <3

And since it's only been half the day, I thought I'd bake some cake/cupcakes.~
Here's the result of that! lol and some tea~ Little solo teaparty for me to celebrate my guitar!!!!!! <3 ORZ
Picture 27

But as you can see, my baking skills are not stellar. OTL, so these got all stuck and the cupcakes were more like.... caps and buckets LOL. i forgot to put the paper things in lolololll~ but they're delicious! and tastes like carrot and cinnamon!~ <3
Picture 26
^the cake was more like a brick of bread too LOLLLL
I like to flavour my black tea with honey and lemons too! <3

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[] ayuviより。
uwaaaaa you lucky one! if you can, please do a video of you playing the song! :D

[] ayuviより。
I gave you an award! :D Check my blog!

[Re: No title] purihoneyより。
waaaaaaah!!!!!!!~ thankyou so much!!!! <3

also yes when i learn the song fully and get this cute little amp i will record fuwa fuwa time and don't say lazy too with the guitar! XD

danelectro honeytone amp: http://ampedmods.com/wp-content/uploads/Danelectro%20Honeytone.jpg
^i want the cream coloured one!!!!!!!! so cute!

> I gave you an award! :D Check my blog!

Hunks of Deliciousness~
Last week Friday, I went to the Royal Winter Fair to draw animals and ate THIS. HUNK. OF. DELICIOUS. DUMPLING. FROM. HEAVEN. <3
Stocking would be jealous of how sweet this baby is~
It's SO SUGARY and tastebud-clogging that you litereally need to share it with someone to finish -i shared with bf <3

Picture 12

These things are whole peeled and cored apple baked with cinnamin, and surrounded with a light dough folded over it like a wonton~ SO GOOD.

Picture 13

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moe lunchboxes~
MMMMmmm time for some healthy food porn~ LOL
These lunch boxes are so adorable! They're healthy and cute, but most importantly, really healthy! I know there are lots and lots of cuter Japanese lunchboxes out there, but they are more complicated to make in the mornings (usually involves using the stove too) so I like this blog's lunches better because they're so diverse, interesting and simple!

Also they have these little plastic picks for the fruit shaped like cherry stem+leaves or that bone shaped one in the photos below `3` SO MOE.SO CUTE. nosebleeds/dies

The blog is called Coffee and Vanilla.--> click here
It also has recipes for other delicious wonders~ <3

Picture 34 Picture 36 Picture 37 Picture 43 Picture 42 Picture 40 Picture 38

^that last one is two hardboiled eggs in the shape of a fish and a car~ <3 SO CUTE

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GreenTea Rice Dumplings!
Had some steamed rice dumpling things today~ Being away from home so much has really taken a bite on my wallet ; A ; It's not that I don't want to eat healthy, as much as I can't AFFORD to eat healthy... Orz

So when I got home today and hearing mom made these things earlier, my stomach was rambunctiously grateful. Free food, and free service! what more could i ask for `w`

Picture 29 Picture 28 Picture 30 Picture 31

^Photos of food and my workspace
As you can see, I am currently catching up on my weekly dose of Panty & Stocking with Garter Belt~ planning on a cosplay of Stocking sometime later :3
And, a pic of my work space...... so messy

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