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Touhou Revival

Touhou Project, a popular game in Japan is finally releasing an anime. However fans have strongly diverse reactions to this news. Touhou has had many fan vids and fan made animations before, so with the coming anime, die-hard-otakus feel that it will turn more mainstream and gather a bunch of moeblobs. Here is a video made by an Independent studio. Many feel that if Touhou were to turn mainstream, such high quality fan-vids would cease to exist.

The game is pretty and pretty cool lol! The projectiles make patterns like a kaleidoscope like this one

To the amount of fanart and mythology I've seen on the net, to me, Touhou in Japan is like Team fortress in North America. People love the games, but they love the random fantasies involving the characters even more. As for me, I've always like the girl's costumes, and would love to cosplay as one of them someday. Or maybe own a couple figurines~ they're so pretty!

 Due to the anime's release updates and the growing amount of cosplayers in North America, Touhou has already become quite well known here. There were several cosplayers at Fanexpo 2010 and many artists are drawing fanart to sell here too.

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[No title] sachiより。
Touhou is so popular here now.
Reimu is so moe ?

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