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Happy New Years! resolutions and highlight photos from the past!~
An so, 2010 comes to an end...

...lets hope 2011 can tie up some loose ends and bring fun and exciting adventures to come (^.^)

There were so many things that happened in 2010 that makes me think it's more like several years of my life rather than just one year. SO MUCH DRAMA. For starters, I was accepted into the animation school I've always wanted to go to. Then I graduated from highschool, and got the prettiest prom dress ever! plus i got my hair dyed brown and cut short for the first time! I began cosplaying INTENSLY in groups rather than sololololol <3 I started college, adjusting was hard. I ran into relationship troubles. I have a bf now <3 and I became a blogger/youtuber lol.

Overall I'm so amazed at how much has changed/happened in the last year, sure not all of it was good and nice. But looking back on it, I hope i can learn from my mistakes this past year and turn things around in the next one.

Here are my new year's resolutions and then some other blog entries of 2010 that i forgot to post lololol <3

My prom dress and hair cut~ goodbye 2010
Picture 032

Along the way i met so many new friends and awesome people! it was a pleasure meeting you all!! <3 ; A ; i used to feel so ronery inside since no one at my highschool was really into cosplay/japan culture like this. so it was a really embarassing part of me that i tried to destroy.... BUT NOW IT'S BACK. and i'm quite proud : D

Here are my new year's resolutions:
1. sleep at 10pm every night (11 latest!)
2. practice gitaah for 1 hour a day
3. draw things in sketchbook 1 page a day
4. try to eat less food... (i eat like 2600 cal a day. that's a MEAL more than recommended ORZ)
5. dance more for exercise
6. try not to party too much, and focus on school work
7. remember who I am, and never forget why I'm here
8. spend less money (ORZ ORZ ORZ)
9. focus more when doing tasks/draw nicer quality work and don't rush things
10. spend more time studying

they're not in any particular order, but i really MUST sleep earlier...
college messed me up so much that I'm waking up everyday during this break at like 4pm and sleeping at 4am D:

i guess finding a new job that's more to my liking is another one, but we'll seeee lololllll oh and cosplaying spectacularly/find a REALLY GOOD photographer/photoshopper LMFAO

THANKYOU 2010 you've been enjoyable :D

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[] Samiより。
I know you will definitely achieve your goals this year!

[] Jeanieより。

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