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Winter style~
Lately due to college life, i've had no time for personal shopping or personal time ;A; every week there's assignments and assignments. i wish i can just have a month off and go shopping!~ it's getting really chilly outside as well, so i think i'll update with a little of what i'll be getting this winter :D

The kind of style i like is Korean fashion~ here's some pics gathered on google~~
i LOVE LOVE LOVE the clothes from zipia.net so much!~ ahh and i like the styles in Ray and ViVi magazines as well (Japanese magazines)


the site is http://zipia.net, making an account is free, and you can only view prices once you've made an account~ O(≧∇≦)O

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[] Samiより。
You would look cute in these styles!! :O

[] Jeanieより。
thanks! <3 i hope so too~~

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You would look cute in these styles!! :O
[2010/11/03 09:41]URL | Sami #-[ Edit]
thanks! <3 i hope so too~~
[2010/11/08 01:21]URL | Jeanie #-[ Edit]

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