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Egg noggin'
Today my good friend took me out for coffee, I decided to be adventurous and try Starbuck's Egg Nog latte. Let's just say, egg nog tastes like... egg. LOL I think i'll stick to peppermint hot chocolate/lattes ; 3 ;

On a side note, WHITE hot chocolates are the most adorable cutesy drink in the world ~3~ they're so sweet and milky! <3 definitly my favourite drink! They serve it at the Second Cup near school =w= it's where i go between classes to get my fix ahha.

Qamera 0041

Qamera 0039

Qamera 0043

some photos as i was drinking milk at home LOL, tired face from a hard day at school =___=

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[i heart] drendより。
i heart your cup! X3 (n yes, hot chocolate is the bomb.. second place to tea XDD')

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i heart
i heart your cup! X3 (n yes, hot chocolate is the bomb.. second place to tea XDD')
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