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The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiyaaa!~ park photoshoot
Here are some photos of this cosplay i did in April~ at Kariya park : D


the weather in Canada was a bit too cold round that time, so none of the sakura blossoms were in bloom ; A ;

The cosplay was my first bought one from online (sinomart? wholesale?) LOL it was fairly cheap around $40 after shipping i think (so $25ish before shipping) The headband was made myself, THE DAY OF. It was literally a headband with ribbon sewn ontop Orz...

Usually I'm really irked about cosplayers buying full-ready-made cosplays, but having made so many school uniforms from scratch already, this was the cheaper and faster and nicer looking alternative =_=

The photoshoots were really fun, LOL and lateron I really got into the Haruhi Spirit LMAO, uhhh scroll down for some Haruhi pervertedness...

>.< and as usual, thankyou to all the wonderful photographers i met here and thanks Thomas and Ray for taking some of these wonderful photos! LOL



some behind the scenes photos! LOL




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