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Melancholy Layers Haircut
My hair grew out a bit since my last hair cut back in May, I decided to dye and cut it again myself today~ `3` I used a honey blonde hair dye to retouch my black roots and even out my colour again~ Now it's a light brown colour! <3
I then cut it with a pair of scissors in the asian mullet style -which is layers but with a long layer on the bottom, making the head look rounder and hair fuller at the top (hime style).

Here are some pics! (i kinda look like Haruhi now LOL maybe I'll cosplay her again)
Picture 23 Picture 24
It's hard to tell the colour in these photos due to auto correct editing orz. but it's definitly a nicer brown than the faded yellow/brown left over from my last Palty dye lol
Picture 27
Also, it's winter time, time to eat more fruits! get some antioxidants and vitamins!~

Topic The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Genre Anime/Manga
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