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Reusing Cosplay wigs, more bang for your buck!

When ever I'm bored for cosplay ideas and decide to use my wigs economically, I search up characters on the Anime Character Database to find characters that match my gender/hair colour/eye colour and age to find possible uses for those expensive kanekalon wigs orz.
So while browsing through some of them, I found this baby.
"Gora" from the anime Innocent Venus.
This sparked my interest and so I youtubed the opening, and turns out this 2006 anime matches my taste in shows :D I might watch more of it (since there's only 12 episodes) This character isn't really a main character i guess (since he isn't on the op) but isn't he just hilarious?? kinda like naruto dressed as a hipster santa claus. LMFAO

Anyways, the results that actually might work for my short silver blonde wig
 Me and Me in my wig LOL (webcam pics orz)

will be, Tatiana Wisla from Last Exile

Which is amazing, since Last Exile has been one of my all time favourite animes. Especially since, not only is the story interesting and the animation really innovative, but the character designs were done by one my my favourite artists; Range Murata *he's korean, this is his japanese pen name*
He has illustrated many art books and has done character designs in the anime "Shangrila" from just a year or so ago.
Here are some of Tatiana illustrations

 They're so beautiful!!~~~~~

so yea, for those of you who want to reuse your wigs for more cosplays, I recommend researching other characters with the same style and colour of hair :D using the anime character database is extremely fun and addictive! But not all characters are included on there, and many are from visual novel galge games (aka: dating sim and hentai)
But they're also designed interstingly and the outfits are very appealing too!

 Like this visual novel game; Alice Parade! (warningggg! very adult btw!)

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[No title] Jean Liangより。
I know right!?!!?? the game is like....... hentai tho lol......

but i want to cos some of those so badly!!! ;u;

[No title] sachiより。
so moe ?

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No title
I know right!?!!?? the game is like....... hentai tho lol......

but i want to cos some of those so badly!!! ;u;
[2010/10/03 16:32]URL | Jean Liang #79D/WHSg[ Edit]
No title
so moe ?
[2010/10/02 15:04]URL | sachi #79D/WHSg[ Edit]

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