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of Flowers and Trees
Adrian Arleo's Mary, Tree of Life, 2008
clay, glaze, wax, encaustic, gold leaf
photo by Chris Autio

Just happened to stumble upon this gem, it's so beautiful <3 Also, I will be attending a cos-picnic in toronto in mid oct, gotta finish totoro fast! but I'll be going as Listen version Yui from K-on! with the girls! and i'll be inside my totoro as yui lol.
Also these glasses,. OMNOMNOMG. do want. so vary badly.......
so cute! kinda like dior but rounder and less stupidly hipster/asian (more sophisticated) from slamxhype.com

oh I should include some cosplay news too.
image from http://item.rakuten.co.jp/amiami/fig-moe-2163/?scid=af_ich_twitter01

Kinda want to cosplay this~ but it is from Queen's Blade..... that horridly slutty anime... but so cute~ hmm i'll see if i ever have time for this. Right now it's off to finish Totoro and then work on finishing my Luminous Arc II Rina from last year Orz. craft-foam armor is so hard....
if i can't find time to cosplay this, i'll just order the figure because it is super adorable~

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