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DTAC tomorrow~ K-on Listen cos
lol progress cosplay photos

There will be many many more photos/vlogs after the con tomorrow!!!! so excited.
Picture 39

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[] Samiより。
although I hope I look HALF as good as you guys do... gah, so nervous.. I want to impress you both!!♥♥

Egg noggin'
Today my good friend took me out for coffee, I decided to be adventurous and try Starbuck's Egg Nog latte. Let's just say, egg nog tastes like... egg. LOL I think i'll stick to peppermint hot chocolate/lattes ; 3 ;

On a side note, WHITE hot chocolates are the most adorable cutesy drink in the world ~3~ they're so sweet and milky! <3 definitly my favourite drink! They serve it at the Second Cup near school =w= it's where i go between classes to get my fix ahha.

Qamera 0041

Qamera 0039

Qamera 0043

some photos as i was drinking milk at home LOL, tired face from a hard day at school =___=

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[i heart] drendより。
i heart your cup! X3 (n yes, hot chocolate is the bomb.. second place to tea XDD')

Living Doll Girl
Ahh my friend linked me to these images, i just had to post them!
That girl is so cute~~~~~ <3 She's just like a real living doll!
And it'd be so cool to cosplay and pose with that giant mecha/prop thing LOL

Picture 3

Picture 5

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Santa Baby Baby Baby
Santa Claus is coming to town~ la~
It's that time of the year again! Time to make new wishlists and be naughty or nice :)

A store in my neighborhood is closing, so i went and bought this hat (and reindeer antler headband thingy LOL, some earrings and a red purse shaped like lips -yum-)
It's sad tho, that store is my go to place to purchase cosplay props for cheap ; A ;

Picture 11

Picture 14 Picture 15 Picture 16

Also I reserved a hotel room for AN, purchased my ticket/table for AX and agreed to go to G-anime as well 8D it's going to be busy next year! I'll have tones of cosplay projects to finish now! `3`

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[] Sachieより。
HRRRNG. (I swear, I will start my comment with this whenever the blogpost has photos of you trololo)
I need to buy a santa hat too! Dollarama ftw!

I think that me + you + Sami + Jennie should take pictures in K-On cos (white shirt/dress with santa had) holding up a sign saying:
Have A
K-ON ♥
Or something! :D

[] Jeanieより。
omigod yes! ahha i also got red reindeeer ear/antler headband thingy, and if azunyan wore it LLOLLLLLLLL

we should totally do this for dtac? lol also there's a cosplay skating thing at nathan phillip sq like dec 12? lololol

[] Samiより。
I should bring a santa hat then? :O
and what kind of dress??

Who will bring poster board and we'll all right the signs in our own handwriting! It'll be cute!! XD

[] Jeanieより。
I think she means white school shirt plus skirt and santa hat : D

These Boots are made for...
Bought the cutest boots from Talize (Value Village type store) a couple weeks ago!~ <3
They're black leather, and laces up right under the knee and above the calf (^.^) perfect for so many cosplays and vkei/gothic loli~!!!! best buy ever!

They were only $14, when some goth store downtown could have sold them for $50 easily!
har har har (`3`) the tag inside says they're Aldo too <3

here are some pics taken in the bathroom LOL
Picture 7 Picture 8

going to use them to cosplay MEN, Black Matagi (BRS), Morrigan (CapcomvsMarvel3 edition), AND MANY MORE. C:

Picture 9 Picture 10 Picture 11 Picture 14 Picture 12

yes, asians love to camwhore.

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[] Sachieより。
I need to find black ones like that for BGS ;_; I really don't want to have to buy black ones from a legit store because they're normally sooo expensive sobsobsob

[] Jeanieより。
yea! check talize and value village first! i know buying used clothing is icky, but i've gotten a couple good pairs of cosplay shoes from them! They ALWAYS have long boots for around under 20$ :D

It's for cosplay so they're okay for hotgluing shit on them LOLs

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