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Asian mall goodies! PHOTOS
Pmall gets!

-pink lip shimmer gloss
-China glaze in "something sweet" colour
-red animation geo contacts
-Palty hair dye in natural brown/blonde
-clear eye talk eyelid glue
-black eyelash glue
-black fur trimmed booties

PHOTOSbelow! (^3^)b
Picture 17
omfg love these boots, they look so good on!
Picture 16

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REWIND doujinshi circle
Hey guys check out the doujinshi circle I'm in! here's the link!

This is the type of stuff that's usually posted on it : D
Picture 46 Kyonko_doujin_cover_2.jpg Kyonko_Poster.jpg

Rewind is a doujin group that self publishes fancomics, we started 2 years ago and have published two books so far :D

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macaroons~ taste like heaven!
Nerdy Tea party with older sister Syd~ and Tori, her friend!
Syd made such lovely sandwiches and apple cider~ it was DELICIOUS! <3

we watched Tron 1982 ver and then Star trek and we started the night with gundam building! (zeta msz 006 A-1)

pics spam!<3
Picture 34

Picture 36

Picture 35

Picture 33

I'm sure everyone had a merry christmasu!~ <3 i hope new years will be awesome as well!!

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Gitah!! bought! <3 it's tea and cake taimu!
Today I went to LA music and bought a guitar LOL.
it's the ephiphone version of the one Yui (K-ON!) plays, but that's not the reason for getting this one OTL. I'm always playing anime op and ed and OST songs my old piano at home, and the songs never sound good when it's intended for guitar. So i finally bought one so i can do them justice! HA HA!~

Picture 45
^ahhhhh it's so pretty!~ I started learning fuwa fuwa time already~ <3

And since it's only been half the day, I thought I'd bake some cake/cupcakes.~
Here's the result of that! lol and some tea~ Little solo teaparty for me to celebrate my guitar!!!!!! <3 ORZ
Picture 27

But as you can see, my baking skills are not stellar. OTL, so these got all stuck and the cupcakes were more like.... caps and buckets LOL. i forgot to put the paper things in lolololll~ but they're delicious! and tastes like carrot and cinnamon!~ <3
Picture 26
^the cake was more like a brick of bread too LOLLLL
I like to flavour my black tea with honey and lemons too! <3

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[] ayuviより。
uwaaaaa you lucky one! if you can, please do a video of you playing the song! :D

[] ayuviより。
I gave you an award! :D Check my blog!

[Re: No title] purihoneyより。
waaaaaaah!!!!!!!~ thankyou so much!!!! <3

also yes when i learn the song fully and get this cute little amp i will record fuwa fuwa time and don't say lazy too with the guitar! XD

danelectro honeytone amp: http://ampedmods.com/wp-content/uploads/Danelectro%20Honeytone.jpg
^i want the cream coloured one!!!!!!!! so cute!

> I gave you an award! :D Check my blog!

Japan buffet, Tron, Black Swan and Bok Choi Boy!
Went to see Tron legacy in the theater and eat lunch sushi with buddies <3
We went to Japan buffet first for the sushi lunch : D andd omg sooo much sushi! We ordered so much since it was buffet for like 16$!
here are some pics!

Picture 32

They had some awesome deserts as well, here's a friend's green tea icecream :D
Picture 30

I got two deserts! lemon jelly and strawberry mousse cake! wish they had pudding though =_=
Picture 31

Lols, then we went to the AMC to watch Tron in 3D
The movie was really cool with the graphics and all, but I kinda liked the original movie in 1982 better than this one in terms of plot
This movie kinda made the original more complicated than it needs to be lol but the bikes were so cool! hnngg! <3
I give it a 4/5 stars! LOL
After this movie, we still were in movie watching mood, and since Dan-kun said black swan was REALLY good we all drove to another theater and watched that as well!

Black swan is not a movie for the faint of heart,lololol i didn't know that before i watched it so... when it was all dramatic and BLOOD. i was like OH SH!T. WHAT IS THIS?
it's a really great film. About a girl who gets so stressed out due to pursuing perfection for the ballet, swan lake. A film that has a lot of psychological things in it. Really scary but beautiful. 5/5 stars!

BUT on the way to Black Swan, I got distracted by the gachapons and had to play!
LOL these guys are called Bok Choi Boys and they each are a different colour and have a different chinese character on their foreheads ~A~ they're so cute!
And they were 2 per capsule, 1$ for a play!! SWEET DEAL! lol they're 1/4 the price of a pooh bear >: 3

Picture 29

well, then figure-collector Dan-kun wanted to join in the action and he bought some as well, and eventually EVERYONE got some lol and in the end Dan was only missing 1 out of the 12 to collect LOL. we were also trading each other it was so hilarious! <3
Picture 28
^those were the ones i collected! lol

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Listen K-ON ( けいおん) cosplay VIDEO+PHOTO part 2
I've got the photoshoot video made, just have to encode and upload after I finish my last assignment of first semester OTL english essay D: HALP! Here's the video and some shots from the photoshoot! enjoy!

Picture 2

Picture 5

Picture 4

Picture 8

Picture 17

Picture 18

Picture 14

Picture 15

stay tuned for more! <3
-photos taken by @tomestorung (twitter)
-edited by @purihoney (twitter)

~more photos can be found at my coscom account

^The cosplayers are:
Me as Yui
lemonkissu as Mio
thesweetbean as Ritsu
ringokissu as Mugi
Nikki as Azunyan

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[] ayuviより。
Oh you guys were simply adorable! :D Love the pics!

DTAC K-ON!! review and PHOTO-part 1
DTAC happend. and it was surprizingly AMAZING. Mostly due to the wonderful K-ON girls in our cosplay group! It was such a rewarding and fulfilling cosplay!

What Went Down===============
1. Sachie and I hit the mall, to meet TheSweetBean, at Eaton's center (large mall in Toronto's fake Times Square thingy) She bought some tea for her daddy :D and Sweetbean bought her and mio's gloves -LAST MINUTE COS. LOL I ended up getting a pair of nice red gloves and some nail polish~

Pic of us in Apple Store, before sales guy came and ruined the fun LOL

2. Subway to the Convention Center, didn't quite get lost due to a group of fellow cosplayers infront of us leading the way. (nothing quite says cosplay as pink wigs, sailor-fuku and japanese swords) We meet Ringo and Nikki at the con after we change supa fast-like in the washrooms :D

-Bathroom pics! but these were taken we took off the cosplay LOL
Picture 42
Picture 43

3. We get to the lobby area, and lounge around. Then Thomas (OUR AMAZING PHOTOG-GUY) snapped shots for our photoshoot :3 we had some trouble remembering poses, but it's k, we had some awesome shots! Later in the day, we kidnapped another group's Azunyan for more shoots! LOL.

quote from Sachie, "Pics taimu!~" LOL she always says that!

4. Time to leave, boo hoo, overall it was a great small con. It's a lobby con, meaning you didn't have to pay to be at it, only need payment (10$) to enter the dealers room/panels etc. Which is great for the many cosplayers who showed up to snag some photos! Our little group bonded as well, and it looks like there will be a future maid ver~!!! MOE MOE KYUN! We also decided to do more 4-5 girl group cosplays. and Rehearse a dance for the next time!

Impromptu Dancing of Renai Circulation LOLOLOLL. unplanned. we should rehearse for a next time!

bye bye!

part 2 with the actual photoshoots will be up shortly after receiving the files from Thomas! <3

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[] Samiより。
lol... not prepared... and once we get those photos we need to edit the CRAP out of them so that we make up for the bad lighting in the building XD;;

also my eyebags... jus sayin ;D

MORE COSPLAY GROUPS! I wish we knew that other Azusa's name so that we could contact her for further shoots :O

[] Jeanieより。
lol yeaa i msged thomas about sending me the larger files for the shoots LOL

and yea~ i felt bad when tagging people, then i stop at her and was like.... OH SHOOT.

[] Heatherより。
Awwwww, I LOVE that dance. You're all so good.
Geezzzz Jean, is there anything you can't do?

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